About Patricia Adamsson

At the age of 13 I got my first computer and immediately I was hooked. All my spare time was spent on graphic chats, computer games (mainly NOLF2) and on building GIF flooded websites. ~Twenty years later, the chats and games were replaced by the love for traveling and exploring the world, but the passion for building websites still remained and seem to never be growing old.

I’ve been working as a Front-end developer professionally, full-time since 2008. In 2014 I moved to Berlin but continued to be employed in Stockholm. I ended up working over 4 years 100% remotely from Berlin.

In January 2018 I became a freelancer. Since then I’ve been working on a Stockholm based project, 1-2 weeks in Stockholm and the rest remotely in Berlin.

My biggest passion lays within Front-end techniques such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. I love to build semantically correct, responsive websites which are available on all devices and for everyone. Until 2015 I was mainly jQuery-focused. Since then I’ve focused on component-based Vanilla JS and SPA’s built in Vue, React and Angular.

I am open to remote work anywhere in the world as well as projects based in Stockholm or Berlin with a possibility of working remotely.

// Patricia